Precision Spring Forming Machine - FP-S1008

Model : FP-S1008
ODMAYTECH FP-S1008 is a full-servo, high precision machine used for small wire (0.1-0.8mm) spring manufacturing. Equipped with patented independent wire bender, the machine bends wire at any angle. Standard equipped include servo slides and patented Quick Pecker device.

Camless Spring Forming Machine - WFV-210

Model : WFV-210
ODMAYTECH WFV-210 is an innovative spring forming machine widely used for manufacturing double torsion and specialty springs. The WFV-210 is equipped patented Quick Pecker and full-servo slides to improve production efficiency and shorten machine setup time. It is equipped with 16-axis control system made in Taiwan and friendly HMI that is easy to use.

Robotic Spring Forming Machine - SR-16X

Model : SR-16X
ODMAYTECH SR-16X is the next generation spring forming center. The embedded Robot supports 5-axis motion: rotate, clamp and bender. Thus, no need to extend quill to produce long springs

ODM-2000 Versatile Spring Former

Model : ODM-2000
ODMAYTECH ODM-2000 is a universal spring forming machine, through the arrangement of cams to control the timing of each cutter/slide, and gradually shape each part of the spring. The cutters, cams and shafts used in ODM-2000 are also the same specifications as mainstream spring machines on the market, allowing customers to quickly import equipment for production.