Why not make it better? 

ODMAYTECH was found by the group of senior engineers. As the technicians spend too much time in the arrangement of the relevant tools, the machine remains the standby mode before the sample confirmation. The ODMAYTECH collaborated with the Japanese specialists for developed the product “Servo rotary bending equipment” and with registered patents from many countries. Significantly reduce the supporting tools and fixtures used, and achieve the Identical wire diameter can be built for different products.  

歐迪美機械  歐迪美機械 歐迪美機械

With headquarter based in Taiwan and the factory located in China, all main components such as the motors, gear box, cables…etc., are made in Taiwan, to achieve our high quality control standards and provide our customer with top quality products and service for their satisfaction.

Based on the user's position, ODMAYTECH is continuing to develop innovative, easy operation, high-performance machinery and equipment to enhance higher productivity as the goal.