ODM-2000 Versatile Spring Former

ODMAYTECH ODM-2000 is a universal spring forming machine, through the arrangement of cams to control the timing of each cutter/slide, and gradually shape each part of the spring. The cutters, cams and shafts used in ODM-2000 are also the same specifications as mainstream spring machines on the market, allowing customers to quickly import equipment for production.
Model : ODM-2000

Running for wire diameter 0.1mm at speed 40 PCS/min. The ODM-2000 is a cam type versatile spring forming machine. It has strong mechanical strength with high precision mechanism. + PC-based servo controller made in Taiwan + Japan SANYO DENKI servo motors + Equipped 3 axes standard., up to 8 axes. + Auto-synced second working station + Precision wire feed mechanism



Wire Diameter


Slide Travel

60 mm

Wire Feed Unit


Wire Feed Speed


Wire Feed Length Max. per step


Max. spring O.D.


Max. spring leg length


Max. Quill Rotary angle


Min. Quill Rotary angle


Max. Cam axis speed

0~99 RPM

Cam axis resolution

4000 grid / cycle

Cam axis unit

1 grid

Power Consumption

AC 3PH 220V

Dimension / Weight

W1650mm X D 900mm X H1950mm / 800kgs


3 axes SOL control system

Standard machine with 3 CNC axes. 

(8 CNC axes Max.) 

1 * Wire Feed axis 

1 * Quill Rotary axis

1 * Cam axis

Please note that this specification will be changed without previous notice.